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  • Las Fallas de Valencia 

    • Spain: ​Valencia's Fire Festival (UNESCO World Heritage Festival)​

  • St. Patrick's Day Dublin

    • Ireland: ​If you want to celebrate St. Patty's Day in Ireland itself & have the full authentic experience.


  • TCS London Marathon

    • United Kingdom: ​Second largest annual road race in the UK.

  • Seville Fair

    • Spain: A tribute to the arrival of spring the fair boasts daily bullfights, parades, and general revelry. Photos look absolutely beautiful.

  • International Kite Festival Berck-sur-mer

    • France: Exactly what it says it is. A large kite festival attracting kite enthusiasts from around the world. 




  • Speyer Brezelfest

    • Germany: The largest pretzel festival in Germany & the largest beer festival in the Upper Rhine Region.​

  • Tomorrowland

    • Belgium: A large electronic dance music festival.

  • Tour de France

    • France: Annual men's bicycle race held in France. It is considered the most prestigious of the three Grand Tours that take place.

  • San Fermín

    • Spain: Week-long festival during which the Running of the Bulls takes place. You'll also find bull fights, street parties, parades, traditional folk events, dancing, and more.


  • La Tomatina

    • Spain: Tomato festival where participants throw tomatoes and engage in tomato fights for fun.

  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe

    • Scotland: World's largest performance arts festival that takes place over several weeks.

  • Brussels Flower Carpet

    • Belgium: Only happens every 2 years (biennial). It is a beautiful carpet-like tapestry woven out of colorful begonias covering the ground outside of the main town square.

  • Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

    • Scotland: A military tattoo is a military performance or display. Edinburgh's features a beginning fanfare, pipes and drums, marches, military displays, mock battles and more.


  • Oktoberfest

    • Germany: World's largest beer festival featuring carnival rides/games, vendors, music/entertainment, food, and of course lots and lots of German beer (other drinks are offered as well on site). Oktoberfest begins mid-September and continues throughout parts of Germany until October. The official Oktoberfest is held at Munich (München) but almost every area in Germany holds their own local Oktoberfest as well. 

  • AJ Bell Great North Run

    • United Kingdom: Largest annual road race in the UK.

  • Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival

    • Germany: Largest pumpkin festival in the world featuring large pumpkin exhibitions, pumpkin based dishes, pumpkin secco, pumpkin sculptures, and much more. This event runs from the end of August until the beginning of December (check website for exact dates). 

  • Concurs de Castells Festival

    • Spain: World's largest human tower show. Championship/festival where people create human towers from 6 to10 people tall.


  • Oktoberfest

    • Germany: Begins in September, but different festivals last into late October. Munich & Stuttgart's Oktoberfests (the main ones) will have ended by early October.

  • Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival

    • This event is still going on (see September's full description above).


  • Christmas Markets

    • These go by many names. Germany calls them Weihnachtsmarkt (but cities may call their individual markets by their own original names). They usually open sometime after Thanksgiving and some last until around the New Year. Please refer to my Christmas Market Map for a detailed list of major Christmas Markets featured in Europe!

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