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If you're like me, and New Year's Eve is your favorite holiday, this list is for you!

Champagne Glasses

NYE in Germany is generally called Silvester. If you are searching for events, I would start there. In France, it is called Saint-Sylvestre. So, in general, if you are trying to visit another country for NYE and want to search for events, research what NYE is called in that particular country.

Also, be prepared. NYE in Germany can be WILD. I stayed overnight at a penthouse in Cochem on the second floor, and people were lining the streets firing off fireworks at will. Pure mayhem by midnight, and the revelry continued into the morning. It's a free for all, and Germans can legally light off fireworks anywhere they wish. It's unlike anything I've ever experienced before. I felt pretty unsafe at times. I was happy I wasn't on the street in the middle of it all!

Cinderella "Ball" in the Fairy Tale Castle at Château Gütsch (Lucerne, Switzerland)

Annual Party held right outside of the magnificent city of Lucerne. In 2022 there was a 7pm cocktail reception in the ballroom, 8pm live swing band during a 5-course dinner at their Lumières Restaurant, and from midnight on there was a live band in the ballroom. 

NYE at the Hampshire Penthouse Leicester Square (London, UK)

In 2022 I found a Penthouse NYE event on Eventbrite that offers panoramic views of London and the fireworks display, free-flowing Veuve Clicquot Champagne, wines, house spirits, beers and soft drinks until midnight, exquisite selection of signature canapés, live set by the resident DJ. All for around 400 euros per person. I thought this sounded enticing, and if they offer it again in the future, I just might do it!

NYE at the Hampshire Penthouse Leicester Square (London, UK)

In 2022 I also found this boutique hotel that offered an amazing NYE package. The package included a 5-night stay, 4 breakfast buffet visits, 1 late riser breakfast, 3 four-course meals, 1 three-course meal, 1 torchlight hike including mulled wine, and on NYE itself a six-course gala dinner with music and 1 glass of sparkling wine at midnight. All of that for around 550 euros. I thought that was a STEAL. The hotel overlooks the Moselle and you would be in a prime location to watch firework shows. 

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