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For now, all areas of my website are open to the Public. This may change with time.


If you would like to become an official member, you'll get e-mail notifications when I post a new blog and such! This way you stay up to date with all things this wandering Allie does! I love writing guides and sharing my experiences with the hopes that they'll inspire you and help guide you along the way.

This might be redundant, but the about me section lets me introduce myself and gives you a look into my past. What made me who I am today.

Currently, I only have a few items to offer, but I hope to add more in the future! Starting with day trips from the KMC area and moving on to major cities. I will also create and post my travel itineraries if anyone would like to purchase those. This includes restaurants I visited, excursions I booked, lodging I used, and more! I hope to have a lovely little shop by next year, so stay tuned!

If you have never used Google Maps, it allows you to pin businesses and locations where you want to go, where you've been, and places you loved. Google My Maps is another similar tool that allows me to create separate personalized maps for different subjects, such as restaurants in the KMC or Christmas Markets in Europe. On the Helpful Maps page, you will discover maps with pinned locations to help make life a little easier.


It doesn't stop there! Under many pinned locations, if you click on them, you can see if I added a little extra information, such as links, personal advice, or descriptions. The ones at the top, identified with yellow stars, are locations with either outstanding reviews or come highly recommended. They are all suggestions only. Please always do your own research as well, checking up-to-date information!

I will continuously create, organize, and maintain these maps over time. 

I will write about my travels, experiences, and activities here! My social media sites have photos, bits of information, and short video clips, but you will find in-depth descriptions here with links and all of my edited images (not just a select few). Most of my blog posts will be accessible for a short period before moving to subscribers only with the All Access Pass ($4.99/month).

This is for the Kaiserslautern Military Community near Ramstein, Germany. This includes helpful Facebook groups, random advice and tips, helpful maps to guide you around the area, things to do, month-by-month activities and events, suggested restaurants, and more. This will be an effort that will take me many months (I have just begun). So, please keep checking in on it! The information will grow as time goes on.

This section is pending compeltion.

Some sections of my website will be free shortly and then move to subscribers only. The All Access Pass costs $4.99 monthly and can be canceled anytime. Currently, the maps section, most blog posts (after a free period open to the public), and the activities/events section are areas only subscribers can access.


For those who have decided to subscribe, thank you for your support.


I appreciate you being here and that you find my work worthwhile. Traveling as a full-time job is fun but also lots of work! When I am not actively engaged in an activity, you can usually find me at home editing photos, posting on social media, creating blog posts and maps, or working on this website. I'm always thinking of ways to grow and expand and have big plans for the future, including ideas for a podcast and YouTube channel.


Your support helps to make this all possible.

Please contact me if:

  • You have any questions.​

  • You find any errors.

  • You have any suggestions.

  • You find something really cool (place, activity etc.).

  • You would like to purchase a Travel Planning Consultation Pack.

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