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Frevo dancers at the street carnival in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil..jpg

A link to my Meetup, a site/app that allows you to organize and discover things to do (highly recommend). You must create a Meetup Profile to join and see everything on the platform. I have used it for over seven years, made many friends, and had countless positive experiences.


You can also see other activities I have planned for my future on my calendar. I am very active and hate being bored, so there will most likely always be a long list of plans I have made there.


There's always so much life to live and so little time to fit it all in!

And money... The thing we unfortunately usually need as well...

A list of activities and events around the world. Things such as Oktoberfest, Running with the Bulls, Carnival, Balloon Festivals, and more! If you want to do something unique and need help figuring out where to start, this may be a helpful resource when planning what to do next.

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