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May 2019 Norwegian Cruise Stop: Bergen, Norway

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

If you have never been to Norway, add it to your bucket list now!

If you love mountainous landscapes, calm glassy waters, plunging waterfalls, and wild, pristine wildernesses waiting to be explored, then Norway is calling your name.

After some research, I believe cruising through Norway is the best way to go all around. Gas is relatively expensive, and there can be tolls along the way. Not to mention that Norway and the areas you desire to visit can be far apart and remote. Taking the train can be rather expensive, and while you may see many breathtaking views along the way, nothing compares to peacefully cruising in and out of the fjords on the deck of a ship with a drink in your hand. Simply majestic.

Bergen is one of the larger Norwegian cities we visited. I didn't grab a photo in 2019, but along the main square is a medieval wharf with many colorful and iconic old-fashioned boat houses. Called Bryggen, you can shop, eat, and even grab a nice cold beer there.

A little bit further up along the pier, you can find the Fisketorget (Fish Market), which has a wide variety of fresh seafood and other freshly prepared foods and products. Selections range from reindeer, whale, moose, shrimp, lobster, and crab to sea urchin! If you are going to grab food in town, this is where I would stop (the places we stopped at accepted credit cards). Just be prepared; the prices can be a little steep. I have enjoyed their local chowder (similar to clam chowder) and a codfish cake. In retrospect, the fish cake was a little bland and would have been better with something to dip it in.

The last three photos are from my recent cruise to Norway in June 2023. My previous photos were of horrible quality on my iPhone 10.

The one thing you absolutely must do when visiting Bergen is take the Fløibanen Funicular (mountain cable car) up the mountain for a panoramic view of the city. Admission is currently around $12-16 each for adults (depending on when you visit), and a small shop, bathrooms, restaurant, and playground are at the top. If you are feeling adventurous, you can take the hiking trail up and down instead of the funicular. In the end, before you head out, don't forget to take a photo with the troll!

That about sums up my cruise stop in Bergen! We only stopped for the day and departed, so I did not spend significant time in the area. However, if you are planning to visit, I have created more detailed Google Maps for you to use to help guide you. Please click on the Google Map links I have provided below (in blue).

Please read descriptions and recent reviews before heading to any establishment. Things may have changed since I created these maps. Also, let me know if you find a place you love on your travels! I'll check it out and add it to the list if approved! Please do not share these maps with anyone who is not a subscriber. I am offering these in good faith that they will not be shared publicly.

When using these maps, please remember that these are solely helpful suggestions on what to do and where to go when visiting Bergen. I am not omniscient and cannot find every recommended establishment or activity in any area. Some may be missing or new businesses that have opened since the creation of these maps.

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