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Allie's Favorite Things to Do in the KMC

Updated: May 21

As my time here in the KMC comes to a close, I'd like to reflect on and share some of my favorite activities in the local area. So you can do them, too!

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Tea & Garden Parties at B & B Dressings Traumgarten

I love the gentlemen who runs this little bed and breakfast! What a personality! You can reserve a small tea experience with him, which I have done several times in the past few years. He bakes the scones himself from scratch and his partner the jam, and it's all served in the beautiful sunroom featured above. Their home is full of gorgeous antiques, and the garden is lovely in the warmer months. If you have guests, this would be an excellent place to stay if needed. I even brought the ladies for a little garden party last summer (see photos)!

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Hanging out at the Seewooghütte in Ramstein Misenbach

This is my go-to spot for casual socials in this area. There is a playground, fire pit areas (you can rent), a small lake, lots of seating (benches towards the playground are accessible to the general public), trails, strawberry picking (in season), and a fabulous little drink and food hut! Only a tiny indoor area is present, so this is primarily an outdoor activity. However, they serve warm drinks such as Glühwein and hot orange juice/amaretto during the cold season to fight off the chill! We visit throughout the season (when the weather permits).

Almost any body of water you see on a map will be surrounded by trails, have a small food hut, and more! Some other similar locations of note in the area are:

  • restaurants

  • tree top adventure

  • mini golf

  • hotel & spa

  • cafés

  • paddle boats (tretboot verleih)

  • playground

  • Iron Fest (hard rock)

  • mini golf

  • manmade beach

  • yacht club

  • boat rentals (canoe, etc.)

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Local Wine Hikes

My favorite being the one held in Wolfstein during the spring! They are called "weinwanderung" and can be searched for locally using that keyword. As soon as the weather starts getting nice, you'll see them popping up all over! You drink, walk, and eat from yummy food stands. What's not to love!?

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Torch Hikes

They are called "fackelwanderung" and begin to appear when the weather turns cold. Many of the local villages will hold one! I know my small town of Bechhofen just had one over the weekend, although sadly, I was completely unaware. These hikes are often followed by a hot glühwein and maybe some food!

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Fun Forest AbenteuerPark Homburg

Great fun for all ages! This treetop adventure even has a zipline that goes across the lake! This is located right on the Jägersburger Weiher Lake that I mentioned earlier. See my previous blog post or TikTok for more info!

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Japanischer Garten Kaiserslautern

A beautiful and serene garden on the outskirts of downtown Kaiserslautern area. I visited in the Spring when the cherry/almond blossom trees were in bloom and loved it! There's also the Gartenschau Kaiserslautern, but I have never made it there for some reason!

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Gulliver-Welt in Bexbach

This is a