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An Overnight Trip to Metz France for the Sound & Light Show at the Constellations de Metz Festival

"Constellations de Metz is an invitation to come and explore the city, which is undergoing a metamorphosis thanks to a rich and diverse program combining various art forms.

Each of the trails is designed around its own theme. This year, the themes explored are: “biomimicry” for the night-time Digital Stones trail and “hybridization” for the daytime Art & Gardens trail." - From the official website.

Constellations de Metz Sound & Light Show Digital Mapping on Metz Cathedral
Constellations de Metz's Sound & Light Show Digital Mapping on the Metz Cathedral

First step: departure & lodging.

Three ladies and I left the Ramstein area at 3:00 pm. We arrived at 4:30 pm but could not check into our lodging until 5, so we walked down the street to the McDonald's to grab a cup of coffee while we waited. I chose our Airbnb for its proximity to Metz and ability to sleep 8. I hoped more ladies would join us on this trip, so I ensured we had plenty of room (they did not). Let me be clear; you do NOT book this location for the view. The immediate area was run down, and a half-demolished building was across the street. However, as we walked to grab our coffee, we passed a somewhat fancy-looking restaurant called Meat Steakhouse (yes, that is the name, lol), and right near the Mcdonald's, you have a bowling alley, a small play center for children, a few restaurants and bars, a large open parking lot, and even a movie theatre! We were not expecting that at all. The Moselle itself is not far either. Right near the Airbnb, there was also a promising Italian restaurant. So, the area may not look very nice, but it was more than adequate for our needs.

Off to the city center we went!

We had a little time to kill before dinner, so we tried to visit a fun little microbrewery under a bridge called Brasserie la Tuilerie, but I believe they were on vacation (it's that time of year), so that was a bust. However, right next door is the Brooklyn Café, which suited our needs just fine! We arrived before happy hour ended (winning), and the music was a fun mix of 90's, and 2000's hits (it brought me back to my 20s). I would love to see what this establishment is like late at night one day—it might be fun!

Dinner was next, so we went further into the city for our reservation (I messaged them on Facebook to reserve). Guarà is a "somewhat fancy" restaurant in Metz that offers a smaller menu with various ever-changing delectable cuisines. They have held a steady 4.9/5.0-star rating on Google, and I have left satiated and satisfied every time. Our order consisted of appetizers with shrimp (crevettes), several of their unique cocktails, one of each of the main dishes to share, and dessert.

I would go for their cocktails alone. On our first visit, they offered a rum drink with chocolate shavings and cucumber vodka with dried coconut; this time, there was a fun cocktail with coriander (cilantro). Trust me on this one. Unique, fun, and absolutely delicious!

For dinner, I would expect to spend an average of 50-60 per person if you plan to purchase cocktails.

Please take a moment to peruse these photos taken at the restaurant below (click the arrow)!

Around 9:00 pm, we paid our bill and headed to the main event! The Constellations de Metz video mapping on the Metz Cathedral. I would suggest heading that way by 8:30 pm if you would like to secure seating at one of the restaurants to watch the show. As soon as we sat down, all the surrounding tables were quickly filled. We ordered a few drinks (coffee for me), and the countdown soon began!

This is a sped-up video to help you visualize this spectacular experience!

The show itself is completely FREE! You do not need tickets.

Please refer to the website for official dates and times.

The show begins with a countdown and then plays every 5 minutes or so until around midnight. We watched it 5x from different viewing points before we called it a night. You'll know when it is about to begin because they will throw a countdown timer up on the cathedral (shown above).

It's a fantastic experience and one of those moments when you sit back and go:

"Is this really my life?"

"Am I really in France sitting outside a 400-year-old Cathedral watching a light show?"

The following day, we walked to my favorite (so far) early-morning coffee shop: Fox Coffee! They have a 9 breakfast meal with a hot beverage (boisson chaude), juice of your choice, and bread with various spreads (butter, jam, peanut butter). You can also add on extras like avocado toast or pancakes. They also offer sandwiches, pastries, and yummy-looking sweets. It's a cute, eclectically decorated medium-sized café (see video below).

Note: if you do not order the breakfast meal, you cannot order the extras they list below it "à la carte."

After breakfast, we made our way to the Cathedral.

It's a must when visiting Metz!

Metz has one of the most stained-glass adorned cathedrals in Europe.

The Cathedral has a crypt & treasure tour at 2:30 (see photo above). I haven't been able to do it yet (timing), but I hope to catch it one day during a visit!

Next was shopping time!

The city has a great variety of shops, including adorable boutiques, and a market you'll find outside of the cathedral called the Marché Couvert! I have bought several cheaper clothing items at the market and loved them (be sure to bring cash with you)!

Shirt bought in Metz France at a Boutique called Heroine.
I splurged on this funky shirt that set me back 145€.

A few suggested shops are:

Heroine (ladies' boutique, a little expensive)

Chambre Cinquante Sept (funky home goods store)

Claudie Pierlot (ladies' boutique, a little epensive)

Canada'Venture Canadian Restaurant found in Metz France.

Our final act in Metz was to track down some poutine!

Yes, you heard me right.

There is a Canadian restaurant called Canada' Venture, and I was excited to eat there because this is the first I've seen of a Canadian restaurant in Europe!

I loved the poutine (pictured above), and their salmon brochette dish was delicious. The bison steak (pictured above) was also good but needed some salt and was also cooked pretty rare. My friend ordered it medium, but when she cut into it, it was more so on the rare/medium rare side. Just a heads up if you go and order it yourself. The interior was decorated in fun colors and had a rustic, homey feel. Make sure you check out the bathrooms; they were rather cute as well!

After lunch, we returned to the parking garage and drove home.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect trip. The weather was terrific, and the girls (who I had just met) were fun and kind. Add a fantastic sound & light show and night out on the town, and you have the perfect trifecta!

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Parking Garage I use in Metz:

Parking Indigo Metz République

There is a toll when driving to Metz. I usually get into the tap credit card lane and tap my card and go! Easy peasy. It's about 10€ total both ways. Just ensure you get into the correct lane! If not, you'll back up traffic, and it's not fun. I've seen it happen several times. For more information, please refer to this guide:

You can take the train from the Ramstein area, but right now, the prices seem way more expensive than driving would be, even with the toll.

I appreciate your support.

Happy adventures!

- Allie

Please enjoy the slideshow below (click on the arrow) for all photos from my visit.