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Bernkastel-Kues' Christmas Market / Weihnachtsmarkt (Germany)

Bernkastel-Kues has it all. A lovely smaller local Christmas Market, a unique Advent Calendar House, spectacular river views, a castle, wineries, and more. These are all reasons you should add Bernkastel-Kues to your list of places to visit during the holidays!

Bernkastel-Kues Germany Advent Calendar House
Advent Calendar House

Bernkastel-Kues is lovely during Christmas time. The medieval market square boasts centuries-old half-timbered houses, an Advent Calendar House (pictured above), a Renaissance town hall (1608), St. Michael's Fountain (1606), and the "Spitzhäuschen" (a pointed house built in 1416). It is quite charming, and during December, you can visit this square to watch a lively ceremony where one of the Advent Calendar House's windows is opened.

It's not necessarily as big as some other markets, but it makes up for it with charm and character.

Along the winding streets, you'll find numerous food and item vendors. The shops are festively decorated, and here you'll discover fewer commercial goods and more unique homemade offerings. Lately, markets seem to be being increasingly taken over by cheap mass-manufactured goods, which is sad to see and disappointing for visiting tourists.

The Candle Carousel isn't as big as some other markets, but there nonetheless for your viewing pleasure, and other decorative pieces can be found scattered throughout the market. You can really feel the Christmas spirit!

Bernkastel-Kues Germany Christmas Market / Weihnachtsmarkt Gluhwein Selfie
Bernkastel-Kues Christmas Market 2021

Now that we mentioned getting into the Christmas spirit, nothing does it quite like a nice hot cup of glühwein! It is a kind of mulled wine that usually is offered in two varieties: weiß oder rot (white or red). I prefer the weiß glühwein, but it comes down to personal preference! You should try as many as you can! I've even had some fruit varieties, such as Blueberry or Cranberry. Yum!

There will also be a variety of food offered, including the traditional bratwurst (pictured above), gulaschsuppe (goulash soup, pictured above), smoked salmon, Knoblauchsoße Champignons (mushrooms in a garlic sauce), and more! Food vendors will also sell items such as the dried sausages featured above. My favorite are the ones covered with provencale herbs. Gives those a try! They have these sausage stands at almost every market I've been to in Germany, so you will likely run into one.

Throughout the season, the town has different activities and events scheduled, and you can find everything you need to know for 2023 here (click me).

That's about all! If you're in the KMC/Ramstein area, take the time to visit this Christmas. You won't regret it! It is only about an hour away, and I usually leave around 2/3:00 pm and stay until sunset. You'll get the best of both worlds. Early enough to beat some of the crowds so you can shop in relative peace and find parking easily but late enough that the sun will soon set to experience the market in all its bright and festive glory! Then leave early enough to be in bed by 9/10:00 pm.

Additional Information:

Official Christmas Market Website:

Another Official Website:

There are several parking areas. A few Google Maps suggestions are:

Don't forget most markets in Germany are still cash only!

Be sure to bring euros!

What is a pfand? A pfand is the extra amount charged when you receive a glass from one of the drink vendors. So, if the drink costs 5€ and the pfand is 2€, your drink will be 7€. Then when you return your mug/glass (to the same stall), you will receive your pfand back IF you choose to return your mug.

Is it ok to take the Christmas mugs we are given? This is a huge debate that goes back and forth sometimes. Overall, I would say yes, taking them at most larger markets is okay. In fact, many mugs are made specifically for you to take them! They will have that specific year or a unique design. However, you want to be careful in some smaller markets. Smaller local stands may only have a limited number of mugs, and taking the mug would dwindle their supply. If you are unsure, please ask!

Pro Tip: If you will be traveling with your mugs, bring some bubble wrap or cushioning to wrap them in for the journey. You can also bring a paper towel or two and a bag for placing them in your backpack or purse. You won't usually have anywhere to wash them when you are done.

Is it hard to find the market? No! It is right next to the main bridge that crosses the Mosel (Brücke Bernkastel-Kues) and near the Mosel Grill. If you walk in that direction, there is no missing it!

For more information on Christmas Markets, please refer to the Christmas Market Guide I posted on my Facebook Page.

Want a complete guide to the Bernkastel-Kues area that includes things to do, restaurants, and more? Soon I will offer a comprehensive travel guide in my store for you to purchase!

So, stay tuned and keep checking back in!

Bernkastel-Kues Germany Christmas Market / Weihnachtsmarkt

I appreciate your support.

Happy adventures!

- Allie

Please enjoy the slideshow below (click on the arrow) for all photos from my visit.

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