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Festive Fasching: Celebrating Carnival in Germany

This year, instead of chasing the bustling crowds and extravagant parties of big cities like Cologne and Mainz, I immersed myself in the vibrant tapestry of my nearby local communities. While the floats may not be as grand, and the parades may be shorter in length, true joy can often be found in the intimate moments and authentic experiences found closer to home. Join me as I unravel the magic of the Sankt Wendel and Ramstein Fasching celebrations!

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To me, the trick to celebrating Fasching is to make it an all-day affair. Depending on where you are going, ensure you get there before the festivities begin. This way, trains won't be overcrowded, and parking will be easy to find. Last year, we took the train to Mainz, and we were packed into there like sardines! It was not my favorite experience. 🙅

As shown above, my usual MO for festivities is arriving early (around 10 am) and finding something near the parade route. In Sankt Wendel, that restaurant is the Café Restaurant Journal. It's quite large, and I've never had issues procuring a table without a reservation. 🍽️

For Ramstein's parade, we decided on Italian at Trulli, and omg did they deliver! The pasta featured above is their current Gorgonzola & sausage special. It was clearly handmade and mouthwateringly delicious! 🤤

I still see it in my dreams... 💭

Ramstein and Sankt Wendel both had the usual German festival food and drink offerings.

The käsewurst (shown above) was my favorite! 🌭

The best thing about Germany? You can bring your own alcohol, and no one is going to say anything about it! I was actually a little sad I didn't do this at Sankt Wendel because the variety of beer offered wasn't anything I particularly wanted to drink. 🍻

No hefeweizen in sight! 😭

This person took "bring your own drinks" to the next level. 😂

Pictured: @reana_travels (IG) and husband!

Don't forget to bring a cup!

Want to know why? Click here. 👈

Then it was parade time! 🎊

I had to laugh because my friend, who is used to Mardis-Gras-like celebrations, was bewildered by the German costumes. I had never thought about it, but their costumes are often very similar to what we would wear for Halloween! 🎃

Just remember to watch out for the candy they throw like missiles! 🙈

I was hit smack dab in the middle of my forehead this time around. 🎯

Things get a little crazy towards the end as well... 🤪

Also, don't be like me and park inside the Ramstein Fasching and get your car towed... 😅

Check the parade routes and park far enough OUTSIDE or take the train in. 🅿️

The only place that I might be able to suggest for parking is Azur, but I'm not 100% sure that is allowed. That's just where my car was towed to. 🛻 Otherwise, I would simply park in a parking lot or neighborhood on the outskirts and walk in (probably 15+ minute walk).

This was the parade route this year straight from the Ramstein-Misenbach website. 🗺️

So don't park inside of the red circle or anywhere near it! 🚫

Luckily the fee was only 25 euros (ticket on my car windshield). 🙌

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Happy adventures!

❤️ Allie

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