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May 2019 Norwegian Cruise Stop: Geiranger Norway

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

I enjoyed the entire cruise, but this particular stop was extra special. We met a couple of ladies, and one enjoyed more outdoorsy adventures, so at the last minute, we could switch excursions! My aunt went off with our new friends to the top of one of the nearby mountains, and I happily joined the other on a hike up to Storsæterfossen (shown below).

The funny thing is the cruise line did not rate this hike as particularly difficult (I think they had it at medium difficulty). Therefore, there were numerous hikers in our group in their 60s and above, and they were unprepared. You have to remember; the Norwegians live in these mountains. Their daily life involves traversing the steep and rocky wilderness. So, when we met our guide, he wasn't wearing special hiking shoes. Yet he climbed up to the waterfall like a nimble mountain goat with us trailing behind him. I dubbed this hike the "stair master" that day. If you end up in Geiranger one day, remember that. The cruise could have better labeled the hike's intensity for older people on our ship. I would have gone either way; it would have been nice to be better prepared. The views were worth the struggle (see below).

After the hike, we stopped at the Westeras Restaurant and were served a light affair of waffles, some cream, jam, and assorted drinks. The views from the restaurant were spectacular, and I loved their rustic décor.

Outside, after our meal, a pleasant surprise awaited us the friendly farm animals on the property. I even took a photo with a goat (see picture above)! Sweet little babies (ok, maybe he did smell a little...).

The Geirangerfjord is possibly the most famous and visited fjord in Norway, and the Seven Sister's Waterfall featured above may be one of the reasons why. I was not graced with all seven of the sister's presences, but the waterfall was breathtaking. What made it even more surreal was that I cruised by it, standing on the deck of our ship! I must have been close because I took these photos with an iPhone 10. Cruising through the fjords lets you get up close and personal to the many wonders the Norwegian fjords offer.

Special Note: Visiting Norway specifically in May/June can be beneficial for seeing these waterfalls in their fullest states. The ice and snow from the mountains begin to melt when temperatures rise.

That is where my stop in Geiranger ends.

Gorgeous area. I would love to spend more time in one day.

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