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Restaurant Review: Zäb Dee in Kaiserslautern Germany

I cannot remember where I saw this restaurant recommended, but I suspect it was on the Facebook page: Foodies in the KMC. So glad I found it though! The food was fabulous and the staff kind and friendly. If you prefer to read your menu in English, they also offered English menus as well (which is a kindness in any foreign country).

I came upon this appetizer platter on a Google review and just had to have it. It is called the Gemischte Vorspeisenplatte (mixed appetizer platter) and you can order it for two or three people. It comes with chicken satay skewers, thung thong (crispy thai dumplings), wontons filled with chicken, and poh piah thod (fresh rolls). Everything was delicious. I had never encountered thung thong before and was pleasantly surprised. The fried dumplings were stuffed with what I believe was potato and peas (and maybe something else?) which made them perfect little crispy savory morsels of happiness. The sweet chili and peanut dipping sauces completed the meal, and the small cucumber salad was a fresh delight. My friend Colleen and I shared the appetizer and then split the H11 Gaeng Phed Curry. This is a spicy red coconut curry with lime leaves, lychee, bamboo shoots, tomatoes, and pineapple. Served with rice, this dish did not disappoint either!

What I was not expecting was the location. When you drive up, you may take an extremely sharp turn, so be prepared (depending on which direction you come from). The road then takes you back to a wooded area with a lake and large building. There is a decent sized parking lot directly adjacent to the property, and you'll see it as you get closer. The building itself hosts Zäb Dee and a hotel called Blechhammer. The area is quite charming and contains the usual walking paths that surround most lakes in Germany. The restaurant itself is on the left-hand side nearest the lake. This is Kaiserslautern, but it isn't in the middle of the city. It's more on the outskirts which was nice. I do not particularly enjoy driving into the heart of Kaiserslautern or dealing with the parking situation there.

Their outdoor seating has a beautiful lake view, and their indoor decor is well done. Colleen and I opted to sit outdoors under one of the umbrellas since it wasn't unbearably hot yesterday (thank God). Who wouldn't want to have a lovely lunch by the water!?

Note: The restaurant itself seems larger than most in this area and could fit a decent amount of people. Possible location for a larger party?

I am absolutely adding this restaurant to my starred recommendations on my KMC Restaurants List! If you are not aware, I have created helpful Google Maps containing lists of restaurants, things to do, and breweries/wineries in the area. These are designed to be helpful suggestions to make your lives easier. I have been quite thorough, so definitely check them out!

Note: The maps are for members only, so you will have to register for my website first before being able to view the maps themselves. There is no charge for member registration, only for the All Access Pass which is $5.00 a month which will eventually allow access to other sections of my website that is still heavily under construction.

Thank you for taking your time to read this review and for your support!

Happy Adventures!

- Allie

Here is their full menu if you would like to take a look:

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