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Saarpolygon Hike with Kaiserslautern and Beyond in Ensdorf, Germany

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Currently, Kaiserslautern & Beyond is running a series of hikes until the end of July. I was free on the 2nd, so I joined the fun! It's about an hour from the Ramstein area, with an easy-to-access parking lot boasting plenty of spaces (Parkplatz Zum Saarpolygon). This hike isn't too challenging, but it requires walking up steep hills over loose gravel terrain. It also isn't too lengthy (depending on your pace). I believe it took us about 30-45 minutes each way.

Why a polygon? According to the official website, polygons determine the extent of a mining deposit. Therefore, using a polygon symbolizes the 250 years of coal mining tradition that characterizes the Saarland area, which ceased to exist in 2012.

Inside the structure is a series of stairs to the top. One hundred thirty-two, to be exact! I made it about halfway up before my fear of heights kicked in (it is 27 meters tall). It is a solid structure, so I didn't feel unstable; I just struggle with anything too high off the ground.

The views aren't anything to write home about (in my opinion). However, I'm sure this could be a fantastic location to watch a sunrise/sunset. I would also like to see this structure when it is dark out. It is lit from the inside and quite beautiful. You would most likely need to do this during the cooler months when the sun sets early enough for it to be within the park's opening hours. Otherwise, as I said, it's not the best view. Right now, if you visit during the day, go mainly for the hike and the unique structure.

At the top were several areas with oversized wooden chairs and picnic tables. There are also public toilets available if needed. This makes it a great location to bring food, perhaps a bottle of wine, and relax. Just watch for those kiddos because there are no fences, and the hill is steep on all sides. Another thing to consider is there is absolutely no shade anywhere. So be sure to use sun protection if needed and drink lots of water in the summer!

There are two directions you can take when climbing the hill. When you reach this signpost, I would suggest going to the right. In the end, we attempted to go down the other path (thinking we'd try something different), and it was extremely steep and, in my opinion, a little dangerous. Several of us slid on the loose gravel before we decided to turn back around and use the original path we ascended on.

Overall, it was an exciting hike with fun people! Chan is a kind and friendly host (Kaiserslautern and Beyond), and all the girls who attended were easy to get along with—quite a pleasant afternoon. Hopefully, I'll be joining her on more hikes as this month progresses if my schedule allows it!

Additional Information:

You can find Chan's original informational post here (click me).

Official Site Hours: 8:00 am - 9 pm (according to Google)

Official Site Address: Provinzialstraße 1, 66806 Ensdorf, Germany

Google Maps Parkplatz Address: Starenweg 4-6, 66806 Ensdorf, Germany

Google Maps Parkplatz Link (parking):

Is it a free parking lot? Yes, No charge.

Dog friendly? Yes, if your dog is in good enough shape to climb hills.

Does the hike cost anything? No, it is all free!

How long is the hike? 30 - 45 minutes each way, depending on your athletic ability.

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