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Versailles Grand Masked Ball: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: Jan 20

Featured above are:

(left) Hello it's Jasper (Facebook) & @helloitsjasper (IG)

(middle) Elise, daughter of @jonesreana (IG)

(right) Madge Evans & Partner

Prepare to be swept off your feet! Le Grand Bal Masqué du Château de Versailles is not just an event; it's a dream I never imagined I'd be planning to attend. Picture this: the grandeur begins at 11:30 pm and doesn't wrap up until the break of dawn. Envision yourself on the palace grounds, draped in breathtaking Baroque attire, surrounded by exotic performers, sipping champagne, capturing stunning photos against the backdrop of a majestic sunset, dancing the night away, and culminating the experience with a sunrise breakfast before heading home. It's an unparalleled affair, a rendezvous with luxury and extravagance. Mark my words – 2024 can't come soon enough! 🌟🏰✨

Photo Credit: @jonesreana (IG)

Now, let me stop you right there. I'm sure you're expecting a formal Baroque-themed ball from the name. However, that particular event is called the Fêtes Galantes Versailles and is traditionally held in May. The Grand Masked Ball, usually held in June, is a "rave-like" party—DJ, flashing lights, fireworks, performers, etc. For a clearer understanding of what I'm referring to, just hop on YouTube and search for numerous examples. A few who attended this year were disappointed because the name can be misleading. I want to avoid this confusion and ensure you choose the event that suits you!

If you are interested in a formal Baroque ball, then the Fêtes Galantes is right up your alley.

If you are more intrigued by a fun, party-like atmosphere, then the Grand Masked Ball is the natural choice.

Or perhaps... do both! Why not!?

Photo Credit: @jonesreana (IG)

As the night unfolds, a captivating array of performers takes the stage, adding a touch of magic to the ambiance. Check out highlights from this year's extravaganza in the footage above (2023). When guests were asked about their standout moments from the ball, the resounding answer was a chorus of love and admiration for the incredible entertainment and performers that graced the event. 🌟🎭✨

Photo Credit: @jonesreana (IG)

Photographer: Rachel Calvo (website) @rachel.calvo.portraits (IG)

Some hired professional photographers (shown above) for flawless memories that will last a lifetime.

(left) Ray Limburg & Debbie Limburg

(middle) Bri Munsy & Friend @bmunsy (IG)

(right) Benita Broughman & Family

Others took advantage of the beautiful French sky at sunset.

Le coucher du soleil. Très romantique.

Ultimately, everyone succumbed to the enchantment and grandeur of transporting back in time amid the breathtaking Palace of Versailles. Picture this: a dash of romance, a sprinkle of techno beats, and a few glasses of champagne on the side, making it an unforgettable journey through the ages! 🏰🌌🍾

"But Allie, where do I stay?"

"What should I wear?"

"How do I buy tickets and when?"

I have answered all questions in the documents below. There, you will find information promised to those in the Versailles Grand Masked Ball June 2024 Facebook Group. This year has passed, and now we are gearing up for 2024! I surveyed all who attended and compiled the information into one comprehensive document. I know how overwhelming it can be attempting to plan and execute this event (especially for those of you traveling from abroad). I hope these clears things up, and we look forward to seeing you sometime!

#1 Introduction Versailles Grand Masked Ball
Download PDF • 3.53MB
#2 Details Versailles Grand Masked Ball
Download PDF • 1.79MB
#3 Tickets Versailles Grand Masked Ball
Download PDF • 2.67MB
Versailles Grand Masked Ball Guide
Download PDF • 327KB

These documents are intended for personal use only. It is the sole property of Allie in Wanderland LLC.

Additional Resources:

Photo Credit: @jonesreana (IG), Ray Limburg & Debbie Limburg, Bri Munsy & Friend @bmunsy (IG), Benita Broughman & Friends, Hello it's Jasper (Facebook) & @helloitsjasper (IG), Rachel Calvo (website) @rachel.calvo.portraits (IG), @sheallahtheexplorer, Crystal David, Madge Evans

A huge thank you to all who answered the survey I sent out and those who allowed me to use and feature your photos from the ball. Sadly, I could not attend the 2023 ball due to an emergency at home, and I appreciate this help.

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